The most important factor for our company is customer satisfaction.

The most important factor for our company is customer satisfaction.

Çıldıroğulları group of companies was established on 28 July 1927 by Kamil Çıldır.
The company started its activities in Emirdag district of Afyonkarahisar. The company, which has been continuing its business life for 5 generations, has operated in many sectors.
Mobile Fuel was founded one of the first dealership in Turkey. With the sale of gas oil, fuel oil wholesale and retail sales were initiated.

Under the conditions of the period, the fuels were transported with barrels. The period of transport by a tanker started in the period of the second generation Mehmet Çıldır. The first fuel filling facility was distributed from Istanbul Beykoz refinery to all of Anatolia.

The 3rd generation has developed activities and locations. The brothers Mustafa, Cemil and Ali represent the third generation. BP fuel station was opened in Eskişehir industrial area, BP Station in Eskişehir-Eskişehir-Kütahya road was opened in Musaözü, Eskişehir. Çıldır Turizm was established in 1970-85 and a pilgrimage was organized by 80-90 bus park by road.

Petrol Ofisi dealership was started in the 1960s and continues with 5 fuel stations until today. Massey Ferguson Tractor dealership was established in 1965 and thus the family met the sale of agricultural mechanization. In 1970s it continued with the franchise of Enter Tractor. In the 1960s, Goodyear automotive tire dealership was started.
In 1970s, FerOto was operated in Aksaray District under the Koç group in Istanbul, while passenger, commercial, van and truck sales were made. In the 1970s, BMC dealership was made. The third generation lastly worked as a truck dealer in Eskişehir. In the 1980s, Mustafa Çıldır and Ali Haydar Veziroğlu undertook the infrastructure work of the province of Bolu.

Silverline Travertine


While we take the natural stone formed in millions of years from its bed, we manufacture it in the most effective and efficient way, completely in line with customer satisfaction, without harming the environment and destroying the natural structure.

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